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Global for Import &export from Egypt supplier for all kind of vegetal natural charcoal and Briquette all over the world.


Global for import & export  is a leading exporter of charcoal from Egypt.

We export  high-quality charcoal to a lot of countries around the world.

We offers a wide variety of charcoal products to meet the needs of our customers, including briquettes, lump charcoal, and wood chips with very competitive prices.


  1. Gazwarine charcoal

  2. Apple charcoal

  3. Orange charcoal

  4. Lemon charcoal

  5. Guava charcoal

  6. Mango charcoal

  7. Mixed charcoal

  8. Grapes charcoal

  9. Apricot charcoal

  10. Peach charcoal

  11. Briquette charcoal


1-charcoal For restaurants use
2-charcoal For super market
3-charcoal For home
4-charcoal For all energy purposes


we offer  highest quality of soft wood and hard wood charcoal which we selected from the best Egyptian tree charcoal under the following type:
Hard Wood Tree Charcoal Grade A

Name and type of tree :- (Gazuarina Tree).
Size: -big and medium sizes.
Specification: – Humidity: 10% Ash: 0% Carbon: 85 Min%.
Soft Wood Tree Charcoal Grade B.
Name and type of tree : – ( Mulberry – sycamore – etc.).
Size: – big and medium Sizes.
Specification: – Humidity: 10% Ash: 0% Carbon: 85 Min%.
Uses: Grade A and Grade B mainly use for BBQ, roast, grills.
Fruit Charcoal Grade A.
Name and type of tree: – (Orange – Lemon- Apple – Mango- Olive – Guava – etc.).
Size: – big and medium sizes.
Specification: – Humidity: 10% Ash: 0% Carbon: 85 Min%.
Uses: mainly use for hookah.

Packing :

  1. Paper Kraft bags 3kg, 5 kg, 8 kg and 10 kg

  2. Carton box 3kg, 5 kg, 8 kg and 10 kg

  3. Polypropylene bags 18 kg and 20 kg

charcoal Specifications

  1. Humidity less than 7%
  2. Ash less than 1%
  3. Calories more than 90%
  4. Size from 1 to 6 inch big size
  5. Non sparkling charcoal
  6. Clean and free of dust and stones
  7. Water Solubility: Insoluble
  8. Specific Density: 0.4-0.5 gm/cm
  9. H Value: (50gm/L): 7.3
  10. Acid Solubility: 4.5
  11. Colour: Black
  12. Chloride: Nil
  13. Sulphide: Nil
  14. Alkali Solub
  15. Carbon: 81%
  16. heating value 7900 kcal/k.g
Egypt is a significant exporter of charcoal, producing and exporting a wide range of charcoal varieties to various countries worldwide. The country’s charcoal industry is well-established, with a long history and tradition of charcoal production. Egyptian charcoal is known for its high quality, consistent composition, and competitive pricing.
Egypt exports a diverse range of charcoal varieties, catering to different customer preferences and applications. Some of the key charcoal varieties exported from Egypt include:
  • Hardwood Charcoal: Produced from hardwood trees like oak, acacia, and eucalyptus, this type of charcoal is known for its long-burning properties and high heat output.
  • Softwood Charcoal: Derived from softwood trees such as pine and spruce, this type of charcoal is characterized by its quick ignition and relatively inexpensive cost.
  • Briquettes: Made from compressed charcoal dust and binders, briquettes offer consistent burning characteristics and are often used for commercial grilling and cooking applications.
  • Activated Charcoal: Used in various industrial and filtration applications, activated charcoal is processed to enhance its adsorption capacity for removing impurities and pollutants.